On Top aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

INT-LUX-NL-S-B Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalHD-B, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+, BEAR +/+, CA Free AM-Ch. To-Jo’s Funny Papers
HD-A eyes clear
AM Ch. Raffles Ewe-Z it or Lose It
AM Ch.Raffles Just Ewe Wait
AM Ch. Raffles Reprise
AM-Ch. To-Jo’s Misty Mtn Sun N-Fun
AM Ch. To-Jo’s Pep’rmint Stick
AM Ch. To-Jo’s Sun Bonnet Sue
AM-Ch. Applaus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
HD-A, eyes clear
Ch. Fan Fell Private Collection
Ch. Lamedazottel Quicksilver
Fan-Fell Givenchy
INT-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH-S-F-Ch. Now Availabe aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
HD-A, eyes clear
AM Ch. Bugaboo’s Some’N to Talk About
Firlefanz aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
HD-B, eyes clear
INT-NL-B-GB-LUX-D-VDH Ch. Jadore aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalHD-A1, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+ INT-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH Ch. Incognito of Snowboot BearsCrufts Winner 2011HD-A, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+, BEAR +/+ Ch. Chicus Shetland of Suffolk INT-BR-ARG-URG-PAN-AM Ch. Sherlok Molnmix Shetland of Suffolk
Ingrid Shetland N. of Suffolk
Ch. Blueshire’s Smarty Pants Raffles Ewe’Reka
Ch. Rhoads Willow Of Pickwick
Holiday Inn aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalHD-B, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+ INT-LUX-NL-S-B Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalHD-B, Eyes-clear, PCD +/+, BEAR +/+, CA Free AM-Ch. To-Jo’s Funny Papers HD-A eyes clear
AM-Ch. Applaus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal HD-A, eyes clear
LUX Ch. Boucheron aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalHD-A, Eyes-clear INT-D-VDH-SE-NL Ch. Dreamdancer’s BallantinesHD-A
INT-D-VDH-LUX-Ch. Xolidgold aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalHD-B


Show uitslagen
16-05-16 IDS Saarbrücken/GER Mrs. L. Mach/CH Very promising 1
22-05-16 DS Wiesental/GER Mrs. E. Dykstra-Blum/USA Very Promising 1
05-06-16 NDS Kindenheim/GER Mrs. G. Wagner/LUX Very Promising 1
02-07-16 NDS Wirges/GER Mr. K. Young/GB Very Promising 1
03-07-16 NDS Wirges/GER Dr. A. Hodgson/GB Very Promising 2
10-07-16 NDS Spiesen/GER Mrs. U. Langer/GER Excellent 1
24-07-16 NDS Hirschhaid/GER Mrs. E. Heintz/GER Excellent 2
07-08-16 IDS Ludwigshafen/GER Mr. W. Güllix/GER Excellent 2
28-08-16 NDS Dormagen/GER Mrs. H. Bilsheim/GER Excellent 2
03-09-16 IDS Giessen/GER Mrs. C. Rossier/F Excellent 2
10-09-16 IDS Luxemburg/LUX Mrs. R. Wagner/LUX Excellent 3
11-09-16 NDS Neckarsulm/GER Mrs. H. Müller-Heinz/GER Exc. 1 New German Junior Ch.
25-09-16 NDS Altenmünster/GER Mr. P. Coggins/GB Excellent 1
15-10-16 IDS Dortmund/GER Mrs. K. Nölke/GER Excellent 3
16-10-16 IDS Dortmund/GER Mr. C-P. Fricke/GER Excellent 1
12-11-16 IDS Karlsruhe/GER Mr. L. Janick/CZ Exc. 1 new VDH Juniorch.
13-11-16 IDS Karlsruhe/GER Mr. M. Levente/HU Excellent 1
09-12-16 IDS Kassel/GER Mrs. R. Hastings/IRL Excellent 2
11-12-16 IDS Kassel/GER Mr. C. Hastings/IRL Excellent 3
07-01-17 IDS Nürnberg/GER Mr. J. Hartig/GER Ex 2, Res-CAC
22-01-17 Spec. Verl/GER Mrs. S. Langhorst/GER Ex 2, Res-CAC
12-02-17 Spec. Luxemburg/LUX Mr. C. Ritter/F Ex 1, CAC
12-03-17 IDS Offenburg/GER Mrs. Melchior/LUX Ex 1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
09-04-17 IDS Luxemburg/LUX Mr. U. Nölke/GER Ex 1, CAC New LUX. CH.
23-04-17 NDS Grubewiller/F Mrs. S. Roser/F Ex 1, CAC, BOB seleted Group 1
07-05-17 IDS Erfurt/GER Mrs. Lilkelost/S Ex 1 CAC, VDH-SA
14-05-17 NDS Wiesental/GER Mr. M. Krinke/CZ Ex 1, CAC, VDH-SA, BOB
07-05-17 IDS Erfurth/GER Mrs.  E. Liljekvist-Borg/S Ex 1 CAC, VDH-SA
21-05-17 EDS Dortmund/GER Mrs. W. Hübental/N Ex 1, CAC, VDH-SA
03-06-17 IDS Neuenkirchen/GER Mr. M. Wibier/GER Ex 1, Res-CACIB, CAC
24-06-17 IDS Aarau/CH Mrs. M. Vermeiere/BEL Ex 1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
25-06-17 NS Wirges/GER Mr. Y. Guy/ISR Ex 1, CAC
16-o7-17 NDS Gotha/GER Mr. W. Pepper/GER Ex 1
21-07-17 IDS Liege/BEL Mr. M. Draganescu/ROM Ex 1
06-08-17 IDS Kreuzlingen/CH Mrs. C. Hoier/DK Ex 1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
13-08-17 IDS Ludwighafen/GER Mr. T. Jakkel/HU Ex 1, Res-CACIB, CAC, VDH-SA
20-08-17 IDS Innsbruck/AU Mr. Woody Nelson/USA Ex, 1 res-CACIB, CAC
03-09-17 Clushow OES Swiss/CH Mrs. A. Allen/GB Ex 1, CAC New Swiss Ch.
10-09-17 Spec. Neckarsulm/GER Mrs. C. Bailey/GB Ex 3
13-10-17 BSZ Dortmund/GER Mrs. B. Müller/CH Ex 2, Res-CAC
04-11-17 IDS Metz/FR Mr. C. Ritter/FR Ex 1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
10-11-17 Spec. Bitterfeld/GER Mrs. P. Marova/CZ Excellent 2
11-11-17 WDS Leipzig/GER Mr. J. Wauben/NL very Good
02-12-17 IDS Wels/A Mr. Bechtold/A Excellent 3
03-12-12 IDS Wels/A. Mrs Hectors/BEL Excellent 2
14-01-18 IDS Nürnberg/GER Mrs. E. Soltez/A Exc 1, Res-CACIB, CAC
18-02-18 CAC Luxemburg/LUX Mrs. H. Poschacher/A Excellent 1 CAC
04-03-18 NDS Genk/BEL Mr. Aleksoski/MK Exc. 1, CAC, BOB
18-02-18 IDS Offenburg/GER Mr. Güllix/GER Exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
08-04-18 IDS Salzburg/A Mr. M. Wibier/NL Ex 1, CACIB, CAC, BOS
15-04-18 IDS Mulhouse/F Mrs. U. Wirth/CH Ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
11-05-18 IDS Dortmund/GER Mrs. U. Langer/GER Ex 1, CACib, VDH, BOS New INT-D-VDH-CH. Europasieger
20-05-18 IDS Venray/NL Mr. Vandaele/BEL Ex 2, Res-CACIB
27-05-18 Spec. Wiesental/GER Mrs. M. Kips/LUX Ex 1, CAC, BOS
03-06-18 IDS Le Bourget/F Mr. Stepinski/PL Very good 4
24-06-18 IDS Zwolle/NL Mrs. A. Beenen/NL Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
08-07-18 IDS Ludwigshafen/GER Mr. J. Hartig/GER Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
22-07-18 IDS Liege/BEL Mr. R. Kotlar/HU Exc. 2, Res-CACIB, Res-CAC
18-08-18 IDS Innsbruck/A Mr. P. Muszlai/HU Exc 1, CAC
04-11-18 IDS Metz/F Mrs. S. Karcher/F Exc 1, CACIB, CAC, BOB
11-11-18 IDS Karlsruhe/GER Mr. C. Ritter/F Ex 1, Res-CACIB, CAC, VDH
18-11-18 BSZ Dortmund/GER Mr. R. Wilkinson/GB Ex 1, Res-CACIB, CAC, VDH
08-12-18 IDS Wels/A Mr. Wilberg/N Ex 1, Res-CACIB, CAC, new Austria Ch.


Algemene informatie
  • Roepnaam "Macho"
  • Geboortedatum 04-10-2015
  • Hipscore HD-B
  • Ooguitslag clear 06-17
  • PCD clear by parents
  • Titels International ,Luxemburg-German-VDH-Austria and Swiss Champion
  • Andere German Club-Juniorch. & Germany VDH Juniorch., Europasiger 2018